If you are looking for commercial waste collection assistance for a large clearance, such as clearing an industrial unit or site clearance, we can manage this on your behalf, and will ensure that all waste is taken and disposed of, or recycling where possible. We provide full waste removal services including transport, labour, bulk containers and skip services to meet your commercial waste clearance requirements.

Types of clearance waste 

Whether you are a business that needs an urgent site clearance, or you are moving premises and have lots of equipment you no longer need, we can implement clearances efficiently, compliantly and safely.

We can help with both emergency jobs and planned jobs. You will receive advice and guidance throughout from our professionals who are able to collect and dispose of all types of waste including:

If a smaller commercial rubbish clearance is needed, we can arrange skip hire, or we can send you a team to collect the general waste and dispose of it in the most cost effective way.

Recycling your commercial waste clearance

Minimising landfill waste and finding a secondary use is extremely important to us. We believe that the correct disposal of business waste is very important for the generations to come, and we are constantly committed to finding innovative and environmentally friendly solutions for commercial waste recycling.

Here are some of the ways that your waste can be put to good use for the future:

Paper and cardboard have a huge reuse potential within the recycling industry. They can be recycled and reused in a variety of ways; to make new cardboard boxes, office supplies, animal bedding, newspapers, magazines, books and much more.

Plastic and glass are both incredibly versatile when it comes to recycling because they can be reused in the manufacture of new products. They need sorting, melting and then moulding into new products such a jars and bottles.

Wood and soil can be reused and recycled as landscaping material. Wood can be recycled into mulch or pulp for paper production. Garden waste can be used as a biofuel.

Scrap metal can be melted and reshaped into new many products, and reuse also reduces carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases.

Aggregates can be used in many instances in the construction industry, such as drainage works, cable trenching and laying block paving.

Let Erese Ltd arrange your next commercial waste clearance

As a business, you are legally required to have a waste management service for removing rubbish and waste collections – whether it is for a regular scheduled collection, or a one off clearance collection. Let Erese Ltd take care of this for you. As a licensed waste carrier, we will ensure a duty of care with all waste collected and dispose of it in the most efficient manner, recycling wherever we can. 

We will provide a waste transfer note free of charge for each different type of waste collected, which will show that we have conformed to legal requirements for each collection service including:

If you are looking for professional commercial waste collection and disposal, and recycling partners, we can help wherever you are in the UK. Look no further than ERESE Ltd. Contact our customer service team today for a free quote: 01375 258022 | info@ereseurope.net | www.ereseurope.co.uk