Disposing of hazardous waste correctly

Safe hazardous waste collection

Erese arrange collections of hazardous waste ranging from paints, printers and cartridges, lithium and other batteries, computer monitors, tyres, fire extinguishers all the way to industrial chemicals.

Commercial hazardous waste disposal and collection services needs to be carried out by a competent and approved provider, ensuring that your business is fully compliant with the relevant hazardous waste disposal regulations.

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Special care and precautions must be taken when handling and disposing of hazardous waste due to its dangerous nature. If hazardous waste is not disposed of properly, the effects can be devastating, not only for the public and the environment, but for your business too. 

As a business, you are legally required to have a commercial hazardous waste disposal service – let Erese take care of this for you. As a licensed hazardous waste carrier, we will abide to a duty of care to make sure your waste is collected and disposed of in the most efficient manner. 

 We adhere to The Strategy for Hazardous Waste Management in England (2010), which sets out principles to advise those who handle, manage and operate hazardous waste streams. We will provide a waste transfer note to show that we have conformed to legal requirements including:

 What is hazardous waste?

Hazardous waste refers to any waste products that could pose a threat to both the environment and human life, exhibiting at least one of these characteristics: Ignitability, Corrosivity, Reactivity and/or Toxicity.

 It is a criminal offense to mix hazardous waste with ordinary waste. If hazardous waste is not managed correctly, it can be extremely harmful to both the environment and to human health.

 Government guidance stipulates there are four key types of the hazardous waste which must be stored, collected and disposed of suitably and safely:

Storing hazardous waste

Due to the potentially dangerous nature of hazardous waste, business owners across many industries must ensure it is stored and disposed of correctly. Failure to do so could result in large fines, company closure and even criminal charges. Our waste management services manage hazardous waste safely and efficiently throughout the UK

We offer many hazardous waste bin options in addition to low-cost professional collection and disposal services, so you have the peace of mind that your business is not putting staff health and the environment at risk. Our hazardous waste collections are safe, quick and easy, offering services based on your exact needs, including the type of waste and number of collections you require.

Erese Ltd can provide a range of waste management services 

If you are looking for a professional competitively priced commercial hazardous waste disposal collection, and great customer service, we can help you whatever the type of waste your business produces. We also manage general waste collections, food waste, glass waste disposal and dry mixed recycling services in the UK.

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