Glass Waste Disposal

In the UK, glass recycling has increase by 75% because it is one of the easiest materials to convert. Melting existing glass can be done at a far lower temperature than you would need to melt the raw materials to make glass. This means it takes less energy to recycle glass than to produce it, and unlike any other material, glass can be recycled time and again, making it one of the most important recyclables wastes.

Recycled glass is made into glass aggregate, fiberglass insulation products, ceramic bathroom suites, brick manufacture, Astroturf, recycled glass countertops and used in water filtration products, to name a few.

Glass waste is reprocessed into glass or other uses such as aggregate for road construction.

Erese can help you take care of glass recycling with a glass waste collection tailored to suit your needs. We cover all elements of glass removal, including broken glass removal to keep your workplace safe.

We will provide you with the necessary bins to keep your refuse glass in safely, arrange a collection suited to your need and process the glass prior to sending it off for recycling.

As a licensed waste carrier, we will collect and dispose of all waste in the most efficient manner and will provide a waste transfer note to show that we have conformed to legal requirements including:

· Following regulations on how waste is stored and transported
· Be registered through the Environment Agency
· Have a current waste carriers licence issued by the Environment Agency
· Have an up-to-date and correct waste transfer notice document

What glass products can be recycled, and which bins should be used?

Glass bottles and jars, glass containers used to store food, optical glass, windows, glass ovenware and ceramics, sealing glass, lead glass, lightbulbs and glass fibre are all types of glass than can be recycled.Commercial glass waste should be stored in special sealed and toughened glass bins, size will be dependent on your glass waste output and business needs.

We offer a range of different sized wheelie bins, starting at a standard 120-litre bin to skips able to carry tonnes of glass.For household disposal, glass collection points known as bottle banks are very common near shopping centres across the United Kingdom. These are often situated next to other waste disposal services collection points including paper and plastics. There are now over 50,000 bottle banks in the United Kingdom and 752,000 tons of glass are recycled through these annually.

Which industries need to recycle glass?

Glass waste is produced by various industries including pubs, restaurants, glaziers, medical equipment supplies, car industry, glass fitters, glass manufacturers, glassblowers, construction industry, optical instrument manufacturers and many more.We have worked with people from a range of industries to undertake all glass recycling.The bigger the turnover, the bigger the recycling need – we can provide a flexible collection service after surveying your output, and we are here to help, whatever your volume of waste.

What is involved in glass recycling processes?

Glass is ideal for recycling because none of the material is degraded by normal use. The recycling process differs depending on the end use and local processing capabilities, butgenerally it needs to be sorted into different sizes, sorted by the colour of the glass, graded, then purified and cleaned to remove all contamination by washing it at a high temperature.

Once it is sorted, the glass is crushed or imploded ready to be remelted which is known as ‘cullet’. To be able to use cullet in production, as many contaminants as possible need to be removed including paper, plastics, caps, rings, ceramics, porcelains, metals and more.Glass is graded in a four-tier grading system for raw cullet quality – grades A to D – according to the degree of colour separation, contamination and particle size.

There are three levels of contaminants: unacceptable contaminants, critical contaminant and hazard contaminants. These are all considerations that Erese will deal with on your behalf.

Erese Ltd can provide a range of glass waste disposal solutions

Glass is 100% recyclable but so much is still sent to landfill where it will never decompose. We can provide your business with a reliable glass recycling service, in order to improve your recycling, and to help reduce you carbon footprint too.

Call us to discuss glass waste management services in the UK, where we will be able to ascertain which size glass bin will suit your needs and how often that bin will need emptying. We can collect all glass in a glass waste disposal package that suits you and your industry, always offering competitive recycling rates.

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Environmentally Friendly Recycling
Erese Ltd can be your partner in waste management in the UK. We offer solutions to dispose of waste materials from your commercial property and recycle them for better use.


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