Glass Crusher

A glass crusher is a highly effective piece of equipment which can reduce the amount of glass bins you will need on site by an approx ratio of 1:5. This is a great machine if there is a high volume of glass bottles being produced or if there is limited space within the loading bay to store a high volume of glass bins.


We can offer balers of all shapes and sizes; these can be used for both plastic and cardboard bale production. The size of the baler will depend on the volume of waste being produced; we can offer balers which produce 30kg bales all the way to 500kg bales.


Bin Press

Having a bin press is a great way to reduce the number of bins needed on site, with this piece of equipment the waste inside the bin can be progressively compacted to guarantee each bin can hold more waste and therefore save space. This is ideal for managing high volume waste which is stored in 660L to 1100L bins.

Bin Compactors

These pieces of equipment come in a wide variety, which is great as it allows flexibility on which machines are suited to sites. With models such as Roto compactors which will have a rotating head to compact the waste, it is possible to have a 6:1 ratio on bin compaction which can save money on collection costs.

Environmentally Friendly Recycling
Erese Ltd can be your partner in waste management in the UK. We offer solutions to dispose of waste materials from your commercial property and recycle them for better use.


I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for making our recent contractor's transfer process so easy and hassle free! Thanks for your great support, excellent customer service and for being there for me whenever I need your assistance. Your service is absolutely exceptional!


Office Manager

I just wanted to thank you for how you dealt with the waste bin problem that we had. You handled it efficiently and effectively, with timely communications and updates!



Reliable, transparent, accountable, informative. Four words not generally used within the waste management and recycling industries. The difference in management style and content is extraordinary. ERESE offer a methodical, organised and compliant waste management service to our clients plus giving us the confidence to seek new opportunities.



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