How can businesses dispose of it securely?

Confidential waste disposal service

Commercial confidential waste includes many different types of paper record, plus other printed materials including adverts and even uniforms, all of which must be destructed under the Data Protection Act and GDPR. A proficient destruction process is paramount to any business because if data is not handled correctly, it can lead to a security breach – which can be extremely costly and detrimental to any organisation.

Examples of confidential documentation that needs commercial shredding to avoid a data breach includes; lists of customers or suppliers, financial, tax, insurance and payroll records, R&D reports, patent applications and product proposals, contracts and legal documents, internal emails and memos, invoices and account ledgers, personnel files and medical records, plus any other documents containing personal data will require paper shredding services to avoid identity theft.

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Erese deal with all types of companies and organisations throughout the UK, offering multiple options to make sure secure shredding is handled correctly. In order to cater to all business types and sizes, we offer a regular schedule of collections; daily, weekly or fortnightly – we will perform an audit of your confidential information waste stream to find the right approach for you. 

 Depending on your requirements, we supply confidential sacks, boxes or containers for you to store the commercial confidential waste pending collection. We can either arrange a vehicle to conduct onsite shredding with our mobile shredding service, or we can collect the waste, either on a regular schedule or in a one-off clearance if you have a backlog.

What will happen to your destructed confidential waste? 

When it comes to destroying confidential documents, the objective is to ensure the documents cannot be put back together, ensuing the information they contain cannot be compromised. Once shredded, confidential waste is disposed of to a recycling facility, where the shredded paper is baled and sent to a pulp mill. 

When received by the mill, each bale is tipped into a ‘hydropulper’ where detergents are mixed with warm water to increase the purity. Any metals are removed using magnetic equipment and other contamination like plastic film or bags will float to the middle where they are pulled out.

The paper forms into a ball of “mulch”, which goes through a series of filters, and depending on the classification of paper, may go through a cleaning process to remove any ink. The paper then passes through a series of hot rollers in order to be squashed and dried. Finally, the product is a long sheet of paper which is cut to specific widths for re-manufacture into paper-based products such as notebooks, diaries and white paper. 

All our shredding of confidential waste services come with a Certificate of Destruction for your records. The certificate is an audit document that provides proof that all of your confidential data has been securely destroyed, for all disposed of confidential waste including computer hard drives and paper documents.

You may require a specialty destruction service for pill bottles, identity cards or hard drive destruction. Whatever your requirement, contact our commercial confidential waste specialists who will ensure you get a great deal for your waste management.

Confidential waste disposal policy

Implementing a confidential waste disposal policy will inform your staff how to deal with and dispose of confidential documents that are no longer needed. A confidential waste disposal policy should outline:

If your employees are clear about how to handle confidential waste, security breaches will be much less likely.

Erese Ltd can provide a range of waste management services 

Using a specialist provider like Erese for your commercial confidential waste means that you can leave the worry of shredding standards us, because we dispose of all waste securely. We also manage general and hazardous waste collections, food waste, glass waste disposal and dry mixed recycling services.

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