Commercial General Waste Collection

Stiving to stop unrecyclable waste going to landfill

General waste collections

At Erese, we understand the importance of a regular, reliable, commercial general waste collection and disposal service. We will work closely with you to ensure that your business waste collections are tailored to the exact needs of your business, including ensuring you have the right type and size general waste bins to match your waste volumes and the available space.

Our general waste collection services take care of all non-recyclable commercial waste including low grade plastics, polythene and unrecyclable packaging. In order to cater to all business types and sizes, we offer daily, weekly or fortnightly collections; we will perform an audit of your commercial waste streams to find the right approach for you. We will consider all options from on-site segregation to the use of a single-stream waste bin – whatever suits your business best.

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As a business, you are legally required to have a waste management service – let Erese take care of this for you. As a licensed waste carrier, we will abide to a duty of care to make sure your waste is collected and disposed of in the most efficient manner. We will provide a waste transfer note to show that we have conformed to legal requirements including:

What will happen to your general waste?

As a business owner, it is your legal responsibility to ensure that all the waste your company produces is handled, collected and disposed of properly. We will work with you to make sure that you segregate as much of your waste as possible, before the commercial waste is transported to the appropriate waste treatment centre or to landfill. 

Whenever possible, we will give waste a new life by recycling to create new materials or use it to generate green energy known as refuse derive fuel (RDF). RDF consists of waste that is separated by different processing steps such as screening, air classification, separation and shredding in order to produce a homogeneous material which can be used as substitute for fossil fuels in cement plants, lime plants, coal fired power plants and more.

General waste that cannot be recycled is unavoidable, but we will always deal with it in a compliant way that reduces its impact on the environment. Of the 26m tonnes of waste produced in the UK, 12m tonnes are recycled, and 14m tonnes are sent to landfill sites. This gives an average recycling rate of 45%, and we are constantly working to improve on this.

Commercial waste disposal costs are increasing year on year and we're here to help save you money. Contact our commercial waste specialists who will ensure you get a great deal for your waste management.

Best business waste practices

It is important to remember that bin collections need to take place regularly, in order to prevent a build-up of rubbish and waste, which is a clear health and safety hazard. You should ensure that your bins are not overfilled or overweight. Ensure that waste is kept in a secure area, to prevent members of the public from gaining access to it – particularly if you are dealing with hazardous waste or controlled substances.

Reduce your commercial waste as much as possible, which in turn will ensure that less waste goes to landfill, keeping your waste costs down. Erese will coordinate recycling collections and commercial general waste collections to see how your waste can be reduced. Look at ways of reducing potential waste from being generated in the first place and think of companies who may be able to use items you no longer need. 

Erese Ltd can provide a range of waste management services 

If you are looking for a professional competitively priced commercial general waste collection, and great customer service, we can help you whatever the type of waste your business produces. We also manage hazardous waste collections, food waste, glass waste disposal and dry mixed recycling services in the UK.

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