If you are producing large volumes of dry waste, then the Front End Loaders (FEL) are the ideal commercial bins for your business. FEL waste containers are lockable steel bins with an easily operated lid, making them easy to load and perfect for compacting waste on sites where wheelie bins do not provide enough storage. They are ideal for offices, shops or any company that produces a high volume of packaging or light ‘black bag’ waste. 

They offer good security because they are static with a lockable lid meaning they cannot be moved easily without appropriate industrial lifting equipment – plus they can also be secured with locks if you require extra security. We can schedule collection services either weekly, fortnightly or monthly, so you don’t have to worry about running out of space for your waste.

What waste types are FEL’s used for?

Front End Loaders are specifically designed for significant volumes of waste including general waste, dry waste including mixed recycling, compactable industrial and commercial waste, and single stream recycling. They are not suitable for glass waste, food waste or hazardous waste.

What type of FEL’s will you need?

Our FEL bins are available in a range of colours to aid with the recycling of your waste. They come in a range of sizes and dimensions between 6 yards/4600 litres to 10 yards/7600 litres.  Note that FEL bins are very heavy, so it is important that they are placed on firm and flat ground, clear of any obstructions or hazards. You also need to ensure the bin is kept clear of overhanging trees, and make sure you have enough space next to the bin for unloading.

Let Erese Ltd arrange your FEL Waste Container

Once your FEL has been collected, we will abide by a duty of care to make sure your waste is disposed of in the most efficient manner, recycling wherever we can. We will provide a waste transfer note free of charge for each different type of waste collected, which will show that we have conformed to legal requirements for each collection service including:

If you are looking for a professional commercial FEL service, or any other type of waste management service, we can help wherever you are in the UK. If you’re not sure which type of bin for your waste collection you need, our experts are on hand to provide you with the support and advice required for all of your waste streams. Contact us today for a free quote: 01375 258022 | info@ereseurope.net | www.ereseurope.co.uk