Food Waste

We can offer a food waste collection service to our clients; this is treated in a variety of ways to provide electricity and fertiliser. This allows us to ensure that no food is wasted even if it cannot be eaten!

General Waste

We can collect general waste also known as unrecyclable waste.This is the processed to generate energy through refuse derive fuel (RDF). At present in some areas of the UK that we cover do have a residual amount going to landfill of around 5%. We are striving to reduce this and will continue to do so.

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Glass Waste Disposal

Glass waste is another waste stream we can collect. This is reprocessed into glass or other uses such as aggregate for road construction.

Confidential Waste

Confidential waste must be handled correctly, we are able to offer multiple options. We can either have confidential sacks delivered to you for you to load the wastepaper into the bags and then notify us when the bags are full for collection. We can also offer a vehicle to arrive on site to conduct the shredding.


Hazardous Waste

We can arrange collections for most hazardous waste, this can range from paints, fire extinguishers all the way to industrial chemicals. It is best to enquire with images for us to be able to quote accurately for this work. 

Business Waste

All businesses produce waste and have a legal responsibility to dispose of it safely and appropriately, according to the different types of waste.

Environmentally Friendly Recycling
Erese Ltd can be your partner in waste management in the UK. We offer solutions to dispose of waste materials from your commercial property and recycle them for better use.


I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for making our recent contractor's transfer process so easy and hassle free! Thanks for your great support, excellent customer service and for being there for me whenever I need your assistance. Your service is absolutely exceptional!


Office Manager

I just wanted to thank you for how you dealt with the waste bin problem that we had. You handled it efficiently and effectively, with timely communications and updates!


BUILDER manager

Reliable, transparent, accountable, informative. Four words not generally used within the waste management and recycling industries. The difference in management style and content is extraordinary. ERESE offer a methodical, organised and compliant waste management service to our clients plus giving us the confidence to seek new opportunities.


Compliance Manager

We were looking for a skip hire for a monthly exchange or when full and we contacted Joseph Motagalli of ERESE for a quote and with in 24 hours we had a skip in the yard. It’s a phone call or message and the skip is exchanged no hassle no chasing around for the best price, I would highly recommend Joseph of ERESE for his great customer service.